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  • Easy installation
  • Log queries
  • Display mails
  • Show WordPress specific errors
  • All other base PHP Ray functionality

If you are constantly writing var_dump() or error_log() to debug your code you'll know it gets painful when debugging larger and more complex code. Using Ray is the simple way to debug without the hassle of reading through Log files or half rendered / broken pages on the browser. A couple of hours of using Ray and you will have recouped the cost in lost time.

Dave Bolger

The WordPress equivalent of dd() & xDebug. Thanks for bringing some of the good PHP stuff to the WordPress ecosystem! I had to write my own debug function plugin before when working on WordPress, but Ray is much nicer to use!

Alex Martin
WordPress Developer

It's much easier to use Ray than do all the error_log() and var_dump() calls on a page. You do not interrupt the flow (but you can pause it!) although receive all the needed information. It's less powerful than Xdebug (although they have different purposes and use cases), but more flexible than printing debug output on a page/debug-bar/error log. I highly recommend it.

Slava Abakumov
Senior Developer at Awesome Motive

Simple syntax

Send a string, arrays, object, … to Ray
ray($anything, $somethingElse);
Send as much as you want
Apply a color, so you can use Ray's color filters
See all queries executed by your Laravel app
Check execution time and memory usage
Find out where your code was called from
Pause your code
Keep it cool while debugging

Read the docs

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