Understand and fix bugs faster

Ray is a desktop application that serves as the dedicated home for debugging output. Send, format and filter debug information from both local projects and remote servers.

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function myAwesomeFunction() {

  // Send strings, arrays, object,...
  $string = 'My first debug Item';

  // Send as much as you want
  $array = [
    'a' => 1,
    'b' => ['c' => '🕺'],

  // Apply a color
  // and use Ray's color filters
  $string2 = 'A green statement';
Waiting for items…
My first debug item
array:2 [ 
                                        "a" => 1
                                        "b" => array:1 []
A green statement

Available for / /

Use Ray in your next project

Ray is up and running in seconds in these languages and frameworks!

Good lookin' debug info

Screenshot with debug info

Strings, array, objects, … you can send anything to Ray. Output gets formatted automatically and displays the origin of your calls.

Organize calls

Screenshot with colored calls

Collapse and expand calls, or group items that belong together. Assign Ray colors to your dumps, so you can make use of the color filters in the UI.

Ray loves Laravel

When installed in a Laravel app, Ray can format models and queries, track events, and even render mailables.

Setting breakpoints

Screenshot with breakpoints

You can pause your code. No need to install a special PHP extension.

Your IDE's sidekick

Screenshot with hot keys

Use system-wide hotkeys to jump to Ray, or have its compact window permanently float above all other windows.

Debug faster in WordPress

When installed in a WordPress app, Ray can format show the queries you executed, all sent mails, and much more.

Remote debugging? No problem!

Screenshot with laravel specific info

Ray is able to display debugging information from your server servers. This happens securely via SSH.

Multi-window goodness

Screenshot dark mode

Ray can display debugging information for each project in a separate window.

Easy on the eyes

Ray presents debugging information in a clean way. This will greatly help you understand and fix bugs faster.

Nice people saying nice things

Ray is Life

Taylor Otwell
Laravel Founder & Creator

Ray is a part of my Essentials toolbox. It has the snapiness of a real debugger, but the simplicity of dd()

Nuno Maduro
Software engineer at Laravel

Ray sheds light on your code and brightens your day. Simple and convenient, there’s no other debugging tool I’d rather reach for.

Luke Downing
Creator of Pest in Practice

I'm an Xdebug user, but I still, find myself using Ray a lot because it is just so easy to use and beautiful ✨

Christoph Rumpel
PHP Developer and teacher

Debugging my application is so much easier thanks to Ray. No more dd() or \Log::info() all over the place. Ray, all the way.

Tony Lea
Creator of The Dev Dojo

As a day one customer, not a single day passes without using Ray. It’s an essential tool in my toolbox. It’s as simple as dd, but way more powerful.

Joren Van Hocht
PHP Developer at Take The Lead

Where dd() falls short, Ray is sure to plug the gaps in your workflow. It's so much more than just checking a payload... it's your sidekick for performance refactoring too.

Dan Harrin
Lead Developer at Stagent

I've been using Ray since it came out and I've never needed anything else. I don't feel like working with complicated debugging tools, nor is it necessary with Ray.

Robin Martijn
Building Cronly.app

Despite being awesome in so many different ways, ray is the missing dd() for pure API applications.

Andre Biel
Co-founder Nice Outside

Ray is a 'ray' of sunshine that saves me time digging into log files or the response tab in chrome. Wordpress, Laravel, Yii: I've used ray everywhere and it's done nothing but make me more productive.

Full Stack Wildcard Developer

I love that I have a separate window for my dump statements and not mix them with html. Since I’m using Ray, I find myself reaching out to other debugging tools less because most of the times Ray is just what I need.

Marian Pop
Php & Laravel Developer

I use Ray almost everyday.

Jeffrey van Rossum
WordPress and Laravel developer

Everybody loves Raymond! This tool has become a staple in my daily workflow.

Jesse Leite
Developer at Statamic

Ray is the app I've been missing in my development toolkit. Debugging any sized application is now a breeze.

James Brooks
Software engineer at Laravel

Ray is my go-to debugging solution for every project. It's easy to use while still being powerful enough to display the debugging information I need.

Patrick Organ
Software engineer

Ray is a must have in every artisan toolbox. dd() with steroids.

Fabio Ivona
Software engineer at def:studio

Day to day, Ray has been my must-have tool when working with projects. Being able to quickly debug to a seperate, non intrusive window really persuaded me with Ray.

Charlie Joseph
Developer at Analyse.net

Ray will give you super powers.

Ron Northrip
VP of Engineering at Blue Check Me

Ray is a tool you don’t think you need until you use it. Now I can’t work without it.

Alex Garrett-Smith
Founder Team Code Course

Ray is undoubtedly the best debugging tool currently 💪. I'm trying to convince the whole team to use it ♥️

Dom Thomas
Spanish Programming Hero

Since purchasing Ray my beard has been growing. I used to rip it out when debugging.

Managing Director of Tecuisine

As an amateur developer that swears by dd(), I was thrilled to hear about Ray. Now I can feel like a real developer, even without using 'real' debugging tools!

Michael Dyrynda
Technical Lead at Nodifi

Ray is the missing debugger when dd’ing just won’t cut it. It doesn’t replace dd or xdebug, it’s a third tool to solve the gap inbetween.

Oliver Nybroe
Laravel Developer

Ray is the most simple debugging tool available today. I love using it and I consider it essential to my every day workflow.

Steve Bauman
Creator of Showcode and Ldap Record

Ray makes me enjoy debugging again. Its beauty and its simplicity. If a project doesn't use Ray yet, the first action I do is to install Ray. Every single time.

Stefan Bauer
Author of Laravel Secrets

dd() is for now, ray() is forever… or at least until you clear your log screen.

Full Stack Developer at Mediacare

I have just started using ray and I just love the simplicity of the tool. It is a neat way for debugging without a configuration hassle and I love the pause feature rather than running sleep.

Daniel Koop
WordPress and Laravel developer

Ray is the Mike Tyson of debugging.

Martin Joo
Web developer

Ray makes my debugging experience much more enjoyable - it is added to all of my projects.

Jack Mollart
Backend Engineer

I use Ray because it works everywhere, including in production.

Rescuer of projects

I didn’t renew my license because I thought I don’t need Ray. Turns out I do need Ray.

Full Stack Developer

Simple syntax

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
Send a string, arrays, object, … to Ray
ray($anything, $somethingElse);
Send as much as you want
Apply a color, so you can use Ray's color filters
See all queries executed by your Laravel app
Check execution time and memory usage
Find out where your code was called from
Pause your code
Keep it cool while debugging
Send a string, arrays, object, … to Ray
ray(anything, somethingElse);
Send as much as you want
Apply a color, so you can use Ray's color filters
Check execution time
Find out where your code was called from
Pause code execution within your code; must be called using await
Keep it cool while debugging

Read the docs

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