Using Ray With PHP

To communicate with the Ray desktop app, we're going to use a function named ray().

#Global installation

To make the ray(), dump() and dd() functions available in any PHP file and project on your system, you can install the spatie/global-ray package.

composer global require spatie/global-ray
global-ray install

You can now use all of ray()'s framework agnostic capabilities.

To use framework specific functionality, such as viewing queries in Laravel, or displaying mails in WordPress, you should still install the relevant package or library.

If a framework specific package is detected, it will be used instead of the global Ray.

#Installation in a single project

To start using Ray in a single PHP project, install the ray package in the project.

composer require spatie/ray

You should be able to use the ray function without any other steps.

If you use Laravel, you should use install the Laravel specific package instead of spatie/ray.

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