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Debug with Ray
to fix problems faster

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  • Use in WordPress or any PHP project
  • See models, mails, queries, … in Laravel
  • Debug locally or via SSH
  • Works with Javascript, Node.js and Ruby
  • Measure performance & set breakpoints

Good lookin' debug info

Screenshot with debug info

Strings, array, objects, … you can send anything to Ray from PHP/Laravel/WordPress or from JavaScript/Node.js. Ray formats the output and displays the origin of your calls.

Ray loves Laravel

Screenshot with laravel specific info

When installed in a Laravel app, Ray can format models and queries, track events, and even render mailables.

Organize calls

Screenshot with colored calls

Collapse and expand calls, or group items that belong together. Assign Ray colors to your dumps, so you can make use of the color filters in the UI.

Easy on the eyes

Screenshot dark mode

By default, Ray will follow the theme of your OS. And yes, there's a dark mode.

Setting breakpoints

Screenshot with breakpoints

You can pause your code. No need to install a special PHP extension.

Your IDE's sidekick

Screenshot with hot keys

Use system-wide hotkeys to jump to Ray, or have its compact window permanently float above all other windows.

As an amateur developer that swears by dd(), I was thrilled to hear about Ray. Now I can feel like a real developer, even without using 'real' debugging tools!

Michael Dyrynda
Senior Developer at MaxoTel

Ray is a part of my Essentials toolbox. It has the snapiness of a real debugger, but the simplicity of dd()

Nuno Maduro
Software Engineer at Laravel

Ray is the app I've been missing in my development toolkit. Debugging any sized application is now a breeze.

James Brooks
Software Developer at Laravel

Simple syntax

Send a string, arrays, object, … to Ray
ray($anything, $somethingElse);
Send as much as you want
Apply a color, so you can use Ray's color filters
See all queries executed by your Laravel app
Check execution time and memory usage
Find out where your code was called from
Pause your code
Keep it cool while debugging

Read the docs

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